Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lyle and Roger

The real bucket list

Sydney and Rogers Visit

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I should have known

We decided to risk the weather and float the river one of the days we were in I.P.
This golden eagle was watching us as we drifted by....its a little fuzzy because its hard to get a boat to hold still when your on the water. I took about 10 pic's and they were all blurry....Lyle waved to him, but his wings must have been tired because he never waved back.
Lyle gave me a kiak for Christmas this year and this was its maiden being the maiden of course.
OK, I know these pictures are out of order, but I'm barely figuring out how to do this let alone do it correctly...
The baby bison have all been hatched in Yellowstone, and they were usually running around the meadows acting like 2yr olds. I think it was nap-time here.

The canoe ride was rough for the boys. Roger fell in the water as soon as he stepped in the raft. (He was in his shorts being from the desert in St. George) and was a soggy-bottom-frozen-boy after sitting in the raft for a couple of hours. He was thinking positive, that those cloudy skies would disappear. I guess he should have known that we were just lucky it didn't snow that day, even if it was June. (The snow waited until the next day when they were fishing.)
Lyle had worn his waders so he got assigned search and rescue when we hit the shallow spots.
He spent more time in the water than in the raft for the first 1/2 mile

Blogging is like a public confession of how rarely you write in your journal...but because this is public, I am hoping it will guilt me into more writing than the journal that sits on our shelf and only gets attention a couple of times a year.

We spent memorial weekend with Mike and Lisa. Lots of fun. Can't believe we actually paid 5 bucks for the entertainment in Wise River, MT. Its not eveyday you get to enjoy seeing grown men singing songs about having diareha and a 70 yr old women clogging her only two steps she knows with an anorexia lady. Our big regret on that outing is that none of us brought a camera.