Friday, July 11, 2008

Lyle and Tyler no doubt having a deep discussion on nature, or perhaps how tall your gonna be someday......
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This is kind of a funny picture of everyone messing with their camera's
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is the Winterton/Robinson tribe after floating/capsizing canoes down the river. It was so much fun (unless you were Patsy trying to chase a paddle in the river after you've been dumped out, or the Robinsons who all fell out trying to re-do their seating arrangement. They had missed the detail of which end was the front end of the canoe when they first got in.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lyle and Roger

The real bucket list

Sydney and Rogers Visit

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I should have known

We decided to risk the weather and float the river one of the days we were in I.P.
This golden eagle was watching us as we drifted by....its a little fuzzy because its hard to get a boat to hold still when your on the water. I took about 10 pic's and they were all blurry....Lyle waved to him, but his wings must have been tired because he never waved back.
Lyle gave me a kiak for Christmas this year and this was its maiden being the maiden of course.
OK, I know these pictures are out of order, but I'm barely figuring out how to do this let alone do it correctly...
The baby bison have all been hatched in Yellowstone, and they were usually running around the meadows acting like 2yr olds. I think it was nap-time here.

The canoe ride was rough for the boys. Roger fell in the water as soon as he stepped in the raft. (He was in his shorts being from the desert in St. George) and was a soggy-bottom-frozen-boy after sitting in the raft for a couple of hours. He was thinking positive, that those cloudy skies would disappear. I guess he should have known that we were just lucky it didn't snow that day, even if it was June. (The snow waited until the next day when they were fishing.)
Lyle had worn his waders so he got assigned search and rescue when we hit the shallow spots.
He spent more time in the water than in the raft for the first 1/2 mile

Blogging is like a public confession of how rarely you write in your journal...but because this is public, I am hoping it will guilt me into more writing than the journal that sits on our shelf and only gets attention a couple of times a year.

We spent memorial weekend with Mike and Lisa. Lots of fun. Can't believe we actually paid 5 bucks for the entertainment in Wise River, MT. Its not eveyday you get to enjoy seeing grown men singing songs about having diareha and a 70 yr old women clogging her only two steps she knows with an anorexia lady. Our big regret on that outing is that none of us brought a camera.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring time in the Rockies

We took off Friday for a day at the cabin to see if
it had unthawed yet....heaviest snowfall in 10yrs
at West Yellowstone this year, so I'm sure it was t
the same for Island Park.
The weather was georgous, and snow when its
80 degrees outside really doesn't bug me in
May, so the two old geeziers went for a stroll.

Lyle took a picture of these two finches.
kind of blurry, but you get the idea........

It was a liesurely walk down the lane about
2 miles, but afterwards Lyle insisted on
stretching so his muscles wouldn't stiffin up.
I think he was really trying to prove he could
still bend over and touch his toes.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Pictures

Time flies when your having fun...

Wow, I don't know if I really have time for this blogging stuff, at the rate I'm going it will not get updated as often as it should, so here's a recap as to all my excuses for why I was to busy to blog..
I took Lyle to the airport last Monday morning at 6am and as soon as I dropped him off, I headed for SLC for a couple of days.
My sister Kris and I should not go shopping together. We bought two dresses that are just alike, and laughed so hard that we almost had to request oxygen and get janitorial services. It was painful, and almost as memorable as when we went shopping for body shapers together a couple of years ago.
We also went to Provo and had lunch with Tyler and Krista, and then took advantage of Krista's professional haircutting skills and discount in the hair supply store.
I spent Wed. night at Lisa and Mike's. I drug them out to look at an older SUV in Draper. The guy selling it couldn't speak English and couldn't tell the truth to save himself, so lets just say Mike did all the Spanish speaking and needless to say I bagged the idea of purchasing the gas guzzler.
In the meantime Lyle was enjoying Germany and Austria.(And he calls it "work") The guy he was with took him about 11,000 ft up for a full view of the Alps. Lyle said it was georgous every where he went. He picked up these little hand carved wooden musicians from a couple in a small village. The husband carved them, and the wife did the dickering. They have a ton of detail, right down to the buttons on their coats and the wrinkles on their foreheads. They are so cool, our children will want to fight over them some day when we are gone.
Yesterday was Mothers Day and Krista and Tyler came home for a couple of days. They brought Alex Rahlf, and Tyson Pyle with them. The weather was too cold to be out, so we took naps, played games and watched movies. Oh, and Lyle got carried away with the whipping cream that was for the strawberry shortcake, and tried to fill up some empty mouths with it.
It snowed again today...did I mention we have snow 9 months of the year??? I should probably change that to 11. I'm hoping we get to have July as a snow free month.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am teaching Eric patience

Eric is worried I won't be able to handle this when he goes out the door in the next 15 minutes, and he's probably right. So we are going through the drill one more time.
So, you get to see a picture of me and Lillie.
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Pressure from my kids made me do this...

This is my first official post for this blog. Eric is tutoring me, so he gets to be in the first picture.
They have been here for a week while he is on spring break.

We took off for Bozeman to visit the dinosaurs on Tues. at the Museum of the Rockies. Lillie fell asleep during the planetarium show and Carrie tried not to get motion sickness.

Lyle was sleep deprived, so he took more naps than Lillie, but I think we got our money's worth.

Carrie and I also did a couple of scrapbook pages, we think we are pretty artsy....