Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Weekend....Visiting Song-si Nat.'l Park

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living." ~Miriam Beard~

Saturday we woke up to the sound of dripping from our spare bedroom. After emptying the room and waiting four hours for the villa owner to show up and take a look at things (he said he would be there within the hour) we gave up and decided to hop in the car and drive 30 miles to a nearby Nat.'l Park. Here's a few pictures of some of the beautiful scenery. I wish you could also feel the heat and 90%humidity as well to get the full effect of the day.

One of my finer photographs if I do say so myself.

This tree was growing on top of a rock, roots and all.

This waterfall was at the beginning of the trail.

A little Korean boy taking a snooze by the waterfall in his rubber rafts.

Monks facilities near the temple.

We have yet to find a Nat.'l park without a Budhist temple on the premises. This one was under some renovation, but was still pretty amazing.

Budha watching over all...

I don't understand much of the symbolism in Budhism, so I will give you my interpretation:
"If one Budha is good, three or four is better."

This is a little "hobbit" bus stop we passed along the roadside on the way to the park. If there were an award for "Cutest Bus Stop In The World"...this would be it. The man standing by Lyle was waiting for the bus, and after some coaxing agreed to have his picture taken with Lyle.

Trees carved into totems near the park entrance.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood??

We have lived in Sangu for over a month now and I haven't introduced anyone to the locals so here you go and "Welcome to Sangu!"

I don't know if you can see this but the hard hats for the construction workers are wide-brimmed. Korean's are very concerned about sun damage. Hopefully someday they will worry more about the lung damage from their cigarettes.

Just doing his job and doing it well might I add.

The hospital is right behind us and it has an open door policy as near as we can tell. We have seen much worse wandering around carrying around their I.V.'s on a wooden pole as they walk. I'm not sure its such a bad idea to get a breath of fresh air and some exercise when your on the mend, its the contamination factor on both ends that kind of worries me.

This is the local car wash and detail shop right behind our "villa." Villa translated:small apartment complex, don't think we are in a french type villa when you here that word. It just means we are no longer 30 stories high.

A little Korean girl in our villa.

Korean halmoni (grandmother)

No, that's not your average white trash in the hood. But it is the corner of our block. They don't use garbage cans everyone just kind of dumps it on the road side at night. The local wild cats have first dibs on it and then the garbage fairies come at night and its gone in the morning. Magic I tell you. We never see or hear a garbage truck.

Scary American roaming the streets...NOT looking like one of the locals.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

"You will feel no rain, for each of you will be a shelter for the other"
~Apache Blessing~

I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday and found a cd I had forgotten I had copied!!
My sister Kris took these pictures of the wedding festivites. It's kind of a long post, but mostly pictures...I don't feel so bad about leaving the camera at the cabin now.

The Lowes hosted the wedding dinner the night before in Provo.

Lyle giving his final speech and words of wisdom at the marriage of his youngest daughter.

Nates mom Kathy singing "At Last"

The Big Day....
As Nate and Krista got in the car to drive towards eternal bliss, Nate realizes he has forgotten the marriage license.
Sheer panic strikes Krista.
Nate stays calm, cool and collected knowing he has friends that can drive from Provo to the SLC temple in 30 minutes if necessary.
As a mother I see these looks as pretty much a foreshadowing of how these two will handle most of the unexpected surprises in married life.

Carrie trying to keep a couple of toddlers from running away while waiting for the bride and groom to appear.

The Lowes!

The Rain!
It started pouring rain just a few moments before they were ready to come outside of the temple...So we headed over to the Joseph Smith building for pictures.

Nate's family...great people, lots of fun and lots of kids!

The Winterton's.
Not as many of us, but just as great and fun ;)

Tyler trying to keep some of the neices and nephews entertained during the reception...or he just realized Lille has gotten a hold of his cell phone.

The reception just before it starts. We had a great turnout. Thanks so much for all of you that were able to come! It was so fun to see everyone. We just wished we had had more time to visit.

Krista probably giving Nate one last reminder not to mess with the hair and make-up when he feeds her cake.

It was a perfect day...including the rain.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Memories made while back in the U.S. of A.

{Emmett wondering if this grandma will ever stop kissing his chubby cheeks.}

It was great being back in the States and the time flew by way too quickly.
We are back to looking at fish and kimchee on the menus, and adjusting to our new place in Sangu.
I thought I would post a few pictures of our time spent with family and friends, and will tell you from the beginning that I accidently left my camera at the cabin :(
Tradgedy, because I had only put about half of my pictures onto the computer. The other half that is still on my camera would be the week of the 4th of July at Island Park (you will have to wait to see that picture of Lyle waterskiing in the sunset...and most importantly, Krista and Nates wedding!!! To see pictures from the wedding you can view some via facebook and go to Lisa's or Krista's pictures they posted. Trust me, it was a wonderful day, even with the downpour of rain in SLC right when it was time for the bride and groom to make their grand appearance and take photos. Other than that everything else was perfect. Here's a short recap of the rest of our visit.

Like father, like son...waiting for Lisa to come in on her 15 mile bike race in Logan.

Hanging out with the Smiths and Raymonds at Lagoon.

Did I mention like "father like son" a little earlier...

We were so grateful to be a part of Jordana's sealing to her parents Tammy and Dave in the Bountiful temple, and as an added bonus got to see Meagan again.

Went to the Oquirrh Mt. temple open house.
Oops, I didn't realize this picture was skeewampus, and you already know I wouldn't have a clue as to how to turn it.

At the Draper temple for Krista the day before the sealing.

We were able to listen to the Tabernacle Choir's dress rehersal before they hit the road and started their summer tour.

Some of the cousins with Krista at her bridal shower

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures From The Past... May and June cont.

These are not in cronological order, but then really does any one really care?

We spent one day at Lagoon with the Gleue's, Smith's, Raymonds, and The Jones. Kacey's little guy Isaac didn't want to stop spinning and eating sugar after spending 8 hrs. of going non-stop on the rides. Proof again that too much of a good thing, is a good thing.

Chris and I were able to a spend some quality girl-time together. Seen here doing one of our favorite past times...eating out and shopping. (Notice the matching necklaces...yeah, its a little bit on the junior high mentality, but ask us if we care.) Thanks for coming to the wedding and cabin Chris!

We had the traditional memorial day BBQ at my sisters home in CA.

We spent four days at my parents scrubbing walls, carpets, and anything else that could be washes and cleaned. Then bought them new furniture for their living room.
We all look a little bleary eyed by the fourth day. We wore them and ourselves out.

Celebrating Krista's birthday a week late.
Nate looking thrilled she is finaly 21!

We also celebrated my dad's 84th birthday with him while we were in St. George.
Texas Roadhouse made him sit on the saddle while they sang Happy Birthday to him.

Met up with Carrie, Eric, Lillie and a few other famous people while at
Universal Studio's.

Went to the Jimmy Buffet concert while in LA with Mike, Diane, Dustin and Jen. This is me and my sister and her hubby doing our version of "Fins to the right...Fins to the left.." Yep, we should probably apply for the job as backup singers for the show.

Jim-bob Buffet himself. He was great. Almost as entertaining as the party in the parking lot before you walked in.

Lillie at the zoo trying to tame an aligator.