Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Love Family visits...

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. ~Benjamin Disraeli

I am a little slow in getting pictures posted, but still savoring the memories of two great weeks with our girls and their spouses coming to visit us in Korea. Here are some photo's of a few of the things we did. Lisa and Krista posted some photos on their blogs as well...

Dinner with Dr. James Lee and his wife Anna.
He is one of the Directors for the company and works a lot with Lyle. He got his PHD in the U.S so he and his wife speak great English.!

My kids looking really excited to dig in...actually it was steak with all the Korean trimmings and even Lisa liked some of it.

Lisa and Krista pondering enlightenment no doubt, at the Buddhist temple in Gumi.

Nate also pondering...or showing off those $20.00 shoes he bought in Sangju

Lunch in Seoul with one of the advisors to the Chairman, Mr. Cho.
Best Chinese food I think I have ever eaten, and someday we will forgive the girls for letting their crab go to the garbage. Mr. Cho gave the girls jewelry boxes and scarfs and "Woongjin" ties for the guys. (Oh and the color pink has no gender in this country...it is worn by both men and women.)

Temple day in Seoul.

Nate wondering if he should spend his hard earned money on a one-of-a-kind hat from Korea.
(In case your wondering "dong bang" translated means..."south room". Don't ask me why you would want to put that on a hat!) He didn't buy it, but I think I detected some regret later on that he hadn't made the purchase.

Cherry blossom time! (Notice how I have learned to flash the "V" sign~true Korean photo-posing style)

So many grasshoppers...so little time to eat

Free samples anyone?
Fried or raw, a hopper still tastes the same. Nate said his was too juicy, and Mike isn't hiding that "I think I want to barf" look on his face either~yuck!

Peeking in on a Buddhist cemetery.

Jejiksa temple grounds.

Me and the girls trying to make Buddha a bit more modest. (He looks like he's enjoying it just a bit too much.)

Post lunch jet lag. The advantage of having your own room to eat in, and eating on the floor is it makes taking a nap so much easier. Lyle didn't have jet lag, but that doesn't mean he won't nap with the rest of them.

Haeundi beach, in Busan. A bunch of foreigners jumping on the beach created a bit of a spectacle for some Koreans who also started taking our picture! We have high hopes of being in the next travel brochure.

Stay tuned...there's more to come!